Timber used somewhere on the stair, handrail or treads or even the structure.


As the name implies, Lamina is a laminated constructed staircase, chiefly using plywood. Using the inherit strength of this material, the gently curved underside of the cantilevered treads blend gracefully into the vertical balusters. These uprights gradually increase in height to form the handrail. Some …

Stack System

A range of stairs using interlocking timber shapes as treads and performing a structural element. Glass forms the balustrade on this striking collection.

Radial Layer

Radially spaced vertical layers supporting treads. 2 versions shown, one with timber layers and one with steel layers. Radial layer timber CNC plywood layers linked via horizontal slices support glass treads linked by curved glass balustrade. Inner balustrade is formed of elegent timber balusters. This design …


The Formed staircases are a collection of stairs which have progressed from the EeSoffit™ technology. Using similar manufacturing principles these are unique designs integrate EeSoffit™ as the balustrade forming seamless flowing staircases, which are limited only by the imagination.


Based on Veronoi diagrams, the cell system is randomly generated for each project. Using thick steel the system performs structurally as well as providing balustrading. We can vary the size of the holes in order to meet the client requirements. This design is an evolution of the Leonardo staircase. …


Gradually shape changing vertical CNC bamboo tread supports are echoed in the gently curved balusters. A variation of the design is also below which feature profiled balusters connecting to the ceiling. Mindstep® completed projects are available to see on the EeStairs website